Why Tiktok Very Popular
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Why Tiktok Very Popular All Over World

There are greater than 70 million Instagram images uploaded each day, and hundreds of hours of video uploaded to YouTube each day. Many have noticed an increase in their dependency on one social networks more frequently than the others one – the one known as TikTok. Why do we rely on TikTok? TikTok has more than 800 million active users. This makes it one of the most popular social media platforms in today. They employ subtle yet effective strategies to increase the number of users they have. Here are some strategies they use:

1.They personalize your feed

The majority of social media platforms include an Explore page, where you can find information that is intended to be interesting , as in TikTok. Why TikTok is better in this regard over others is because it’s completely personalized. When you go to the Explore webpage, you’ll see content that’s like the content you’re likely to engage with. If you’re attracted to a particular piece of content by comments, likes, shares or likes, TikTok remembers all of it and uses it to lure you into a never-ending loop of scrolling.

2. Content that is instantaneous

Once you’ve opened the application, it will start playing short-length videos. It’s easy! At the moment, we’re either busy or don’t have time to take on additional tasks that aren’t needed. the easier and more readily accessible something is the more we’ll want to go back to it.

3. It plays videos that loop.

Most social media platforms permit users to view the content of a particular post, after which they can scroll.

4. Condensive and short content

Tiktok content usually lasts up to 15 seconds, which is a brief duration. While watching these videos it’s difficult to determine the amount of time we’re consuming on the app, since in our minds, we believe we’re only watching the 8 or 15 seconds worth of video.

5. Fun music

The majority of the videos posted on TikTok have a song playing as background music. since the videos are small, they’re attractive, and they inspire us to go back to the app to discover new and interesting music. TikTok is also an excellent tool for young producers as well as singers since almost every music can be uploaded to the internet!

6. Humans are wired for connection

One aspect that every social network have in common is their ability to link users across the world. The world is always seeking acceptance from others and if they are able to achieve this on the internet without much effort, they’ll to to try it. We’re aware of what our peers are doing and like to let people know the things we’re up to. The ego wants a place to display its character online is the perfect place to do that. It’s easily accessible and has an enormous reach for users.

These are the main strategies the team at TikTok implements on their platform to develop the app which is addictive. Furthermore over million TikToks are used every each day.

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