Top 10 Popular Tiktok Song You Ever Listen
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Top 10 Popular Tiktok Song You Ever Listen

As the year winds down in the next few weeks, we’ll review the top 10 most-loved country songs on TikTok which you shouldn’t overlook. Contrary to what a lot of people think, they’re not just typical viral tracks with beats and catchy songs, but, they also provide the feeling that of grief in a rural setting that’s sure to make you to pour glasses of booze

1. Fancy Like from Walker Hayes

Walker Hayes “Fancy Like” definitely contains the right ingredients to become a hit in the world in TikTok country music. The track is memorable, fun and easy to recognize. Within a short time, the track was paired with an fun dance contest, which spread across TikTok and later was able to break through streaming platforms like Spotify and finally got on the country radio. It was featured for a period of 20 weeks in”The” Top Country Songs, “Fancy Like” was also tuned to Applebee commercials.

2. Beer Beer Truck Truck by George Birge
Birge admitted that Chambers was making an important point, however in the same time he was determined show that a country singer like Birge could write cool songs even with absurd lyrics.

3. Wet Dream by Austin Burke
Burke would like the listener to enjoy themselves and be entertained when they listen to the track and he achieved this. When he released a brief portion of his song on TikTok the website and receiving a lot of praise from his followers and decided to release the full version of the track for the public to listen to and take pleasure in.

4. Somebody Does by Tigirlily
The first time, people got to look at the song “Somebody Does” on TikTok and some of the other couple’s social profiles on. The powerful and inspiring song was already popular with many people. The couple decided to finish the track in hopes of making an impact.

5. Jealous of the Sky by Ashley Cooke
It touched millions of people around the globe and was among the most beloved TikTok country tracks, and led to many opportunities for her.

6. F-150 by Robyn Ottolini
The track that was quickly acknowledged as the cure for heartbreak on TikTok helped propel Ottolini towards the the charts, and lead to many opportunities and accomplishments.

7. Better Than You’re Used To by Tyler Rich
Prior to dropping the track The song’s original version was posted on TikTok. It’s not surprising that the track garnered an overwhelming response.

8. Villain by Lily Rose
In the coming months, her popularity on TikTok changed to the greatest record in the lifetime. Today, she’s listed among the most popular country music stars and we’re still learning details about her.

9. She Broke My Heart by Noah Shnacky
Instead of being bitter and mourning over his loss, Noah appreciates the silver lining, which to him represents a brand new love story. The song TikTok first got to listen to has since gone viral through the application.

10. Just About Over You by Priscilla Block
The track broken hearts fast gained attention and soon became an extremely popular country hit through TikTok and was offered by Block an official contract for a record.

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